Thursday, June 20

Your link to your folks back home: A postpaid connection

A good postpaid connection helps you maintain the link you share with your loved ones back home.

A lot of young people are migrating to other cities for study or work. But the excitement of leaving for newer pastures is often tempered with unhappiness about leaving your home and all that is familiar to you.

Parting is sweet sorrow…with a good postpaid connection

You cannot help the feeling of infinite sadness in your heart at the thought of leaving your loved ones behind as you embark on a new journey. You are certain that you are going to get homesick, and miss their playful banter, fresh home-cooked food, your own bed to sleep in and all the comforts you are used to. But leave you must – just be sure to preserve a connection with your home. Or more precisely, a good postpaid connection.

Now that you are changing your city of residence, you might be worried about how to keep in touch with your family. They might need you if there is an emergency, or need to call you once a week to check up on you. Your current postpaid plan has high roaming charges, and you may need to change your number as well. But instead of the hassle of paying high phone bills (via texting, calling or video chatting), you can simply move to the new city and get an Airtel postpaid connection.

The unbeatable power of an Airtel postpaid connection

Only Airtel offers the kind of benefits on a postpaid plan that you have only been dreaming about all along. First off, it has amongst the most affordable monthly rentals – the starting plan is priced at just Rs 399 per month! Its most expensive plan is priced at Rs 1,199 per month, but in return for the rental it offers a unique set of benefits that you can see in the illustration below:

But what should get your attention is its ‘Unlimited calling’ feature (highlighted above with an arrow). What this means is that your Airtel postpaid connection offers you the chance to make and receive unlimited free local, STD and roaming calls. If you see the second row below the highlighted one, you will observe that Airtel also offers roaming outgoing calls on each plan. This more than makes up for your earlier trepidation – you no longer need to worry about racking up huge phone bills if you have an Airtel postpaid connection. So go ahead, call your mum every day, speak to your dad at length about his work, video chat with your siblings and stay in touch with your friends back home!

Calling, chatting, IMng, watching movies…

Quite apart from the unlimited calling and texting facility, there is so much more to enjoy with an Airtel postpaid connection. On the days that you feel bored or blue, just whip out your phone and play your favourite TV shows or movies – you get unfettered access to over 6,000 shows and films on Airtel TV, and a further selection on your one-year free Amazon Prime subscription (not available on the Rs 399 plan). Besides, you can check up on your social media feeds guilt-free – these are often data guzzlers, but when you have a lot of data at your disposal (anything between 20 GB and 90 GB per month) then you don’t need to watch your usage at all.

Plus, you get a new Airtel postpaid SIM card in just 24 hours, at your doorstep. So once you’ve moved to the new city, you can get connected in just a day.

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