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Ways to Ensure a Safe Bike Ride in India

India is not exactly the best destination in terms of smooth rides for motorbike enthusiasts. At best, a motorcycle ride in India is stressful and at worst it may become a risk to your life and to the lives of others.  However, there are definitely some roads and some places in India that are worth exploring and will give you memorable journeys that will last you a lifetime.

If you really want to enjoy a tension-free biking holiday, a bike insurance policy will cover you for any unexpected contingencies and keep your spirits high even on a bad day.

3 Best Tips to Enjoy A Safe Bike Ride in India

The following are some of the best pointers to make sure you enjoy your bike ride in India and stay safe at the same time. Insurance for your vehicle is definitely a must when riding on Indian roads. Two wheeler insurance for third party is mandatory in India but availing of a general motor insurance for your bike is definitely a necessity as well.

Choose the Right Bike

Depending on the distance you intend to travel, the terrain of the road, the weather and the season, choose the bike that is right for your specific needs. It maybe a good idea to test-drive a few bikes and then rent out whatever fits the best according to your riding abilities as well. Whether it is a proper motorbike or scooter, make sure you get your value for money and that it is in good enough condition to not leave you stranded on a long ride.

When in India, do What Indians do

The old saying about the Romans, works in India as well. Rather than trying to turn all the other riders into proper traffic rule followers, try to lighten up a bit and go with the flow yourself. If you are someone who rides a bike to work everyday, explore alternative routes and choose the ones that do not give you too much trouble. After some practice, you will learn which driving situations you need to be conservative about, and where you need to be aggressive, and how to keep yourself safe in either scenario.

Be Prepared for the Worst

India is a land of the unexpected and you never know what hurdles you may have to cross on your way to work or your long awaited trip to Leh. Processions, parades, non-moving animals, slow-moving container trucks, or sudden road construction diversions can occur at any time and at any place. Have a first aid kit, emergency contact numbers, and a good insurance for a two wheeler handy and you are good to go.

Conquer Indian Roads on Your Motorbike

Complain all you want about road and traffic culture on Indian roads, but riding in this country is definitely a daily adventure. However, it is best to keep yourself protected against any adverse events with an updated and renewed motor vehicle insurance policy so that you can go out and face the motoring world confidently.

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