Sunday, April 21

ValueMags Expands Into Agriculture

The innovative magazine marketing company, ValueMags, is expanding their archives and offerings recently. Their marketing team has realized the potential in certain industries and the stakeholders in those industries which justifies the company’s constant search for unique magazines and magazine publishers. ValueMags most recent expansion involves the health and agriculture industry. The health and agriculture industry have sky rocked especially with the growth of social platforms. The most popular social platforms are also the most influential platforms where international trends soar. The most recent trend within the past two years if health and organic eating. ValueMags CEO says that veganism is arguably a trend too. The fight against animal cruelty has expanded due to the increase in media coverage. There are many reasons why health and agriculture have become some of the hottest topics but the important detail for ValueMags is that they act on it.

Therefore, ValueMags has recently partner with publishers that want to market the following health and agriculture magazines: Feed & Grain Magazine, Dairy Foods Magazine, Poultry USA Magazines, and Feed Management Magazine.

ValueMags is dedicated to building more connections and finding more publishers that want to pursue a marketing partnership with ValueMags. ValueMags already has a huge clientele wit multiple interest which can benefit publishers seeking a broader subscription base.

For more information about ValueMags and their other magazines, visit the link above. The company is open to taking suggestions of what type of magazines clients and subscribers would like to see. More importantly, the company is dedicated to their clientele and will take any other questions or concerns individuals have for the company. ValueMags is responsive and curious so send them a message and a welcoming and warm reply will not be far behind!

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