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Understanding CNC Dilling

We’re all aware of what drilling is about. It offers a way to place holes in different types of materials. In achieving this, there are a variety of ways in which it is possible to drill holes. One of these is CNC drilling.

About CNC Drilling

CNC drilling, or Computer Numerical Control drilling to give it its full name, is a method of machining. It is usually applied to the mass production of parts. It involves the use of numerical data to control the size and depth of holes drilled in an aluminium profile or component. In the fabrication process, drilling holes is not a long process. What does take time in the process is changing the drill bit to create the different sizes of the hole. Unlike conventional drilling methods, CNC drilling makes things far easier. This is because the machine used has a range of different drill bits attached to it. With automation, it streamlines the production process. It means that the operator doesn’t have to stop to change the drills. The CNC process minimises the set-up time required and makes the whole process more cost-effective. Since CNC drilling tends to be a specialist service, companies offering the service often have a lot of expertise.

What’s it for?

When it comes to producing large-sized parts, CNC drilling is often the first choice. It has a role to play in the production of components across a range of different applications. CNC drilling makes it much easier to drill holes of various sizes. Because of this, there are a wide range of uses for it in the fabrication process. It makes it possible to produce parts for different industries. The main one is the engineering industry. Other examples include industries such as the automobile, train, shipbuilding and aerospace. It’s also possible to use CNC drilling to produce things like access equipment, office furniture and industrial doors. There are few applications where it’s not possible to use CNC drilling in the fabrication process.

Benefits of CNC Drilling

CNC drilling offers benefits. With CNC drilling, one of those benefits is that machining larger-sized parts takes less time compared with other methods. One reason is that it’s possible to change the drill bit without the need for an operator. It speeds up the process of drilling and reduces the time taken. Another benefit is that CNC drilling offers a cost-effective way of machining parts.

And Finally

CNC drilling is a specialist service that is available from a range of different companies. They have the knowledge and skill to take on complex projects that involve the production of parts using the CNC drilling process. One of those companies is Edmo Ltd.

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