Tuesday, July 23

Tips for Choosing Web Design Packages

Starting a web site is complicated. There are many factors to consider when establishing a website. There are many things that have to be put in place for a website to be successful. It can be quite overwhelming, especially for those not that well acquainted in all the intricacies of setting up a web site. One very popular option is to utilize web design packages.

What are web design packages? They are several services bundled together to make creating an online business or other website easier and more streamlined. This can include creation and implementation of a large variety of things. What is included in a package is all up to who you choose to buy web design packages from. This means that there can be fairly significant differences in what you will receive which can vary based on what you are looking for in web design packages.

Packages from SmartWebby are very popular. They offer custom packages which start at $377. This standard package will create a website at W3C standards, which will be compatible with multiple browsers, optimized to avoid long loading times and made with advanced CSS programming. Upgrades can add multiple image headers, Search Engine Optimization services and more highly optimized loading times. There are even packages available to include animations and Java feeds for a website in need of more unique design.

Another well-loved option is Web Precision, which offers 3 web design packages. The first option is the basic package with one domain, one year of hosting, 3 HTML pages for creation and basic levels of Search Engine Optimization. This includes using a professionally created template which are available on their website. From here 5 and 10 page designs are also available. There are also packages for 1 year maintenance and hosting.

WebDesignPackages.com also offers several different packages that serve a wide variety of different needs.  First is the Home package which includes a half hour of maintenance, one web page, one domain and 50MB of storage with a custom design at $250 and $10 a month. The Start package upgrades this to 1GB and 10 pages at $545 and $16 a month. An upgrade comes to the Professional package at $955 and $20 a month. This includes 2 domain names, 100 pages, 3 hours maintenance, and unlimited storage (considering that ‘unlimited’ refers to using all of the space allocated to you on the server’s hard drive.) Also included in these web design packages are domain based emails available for your use.

Web design packages from ITGraphix are also increasingly popular. The lowest package available is $600 with 5 web pages, basic SEO services, usage of 10 email accounts and 2 photos from the library. The $700 business package ups this to 5 pictures, 10 web pages, 15 emails and a 5 image slideshow header. Then there is a special $950 E-Commerce package. This allows for uploading images, unlimited product listing, popup thumbnail images, and payment methods for customers including PayPal, protex and offline payments.

Online web design packages are a simple option for anyone looking to start a business. These packages are a few of the many options available to you to quickly and easily establish a website or web business. But also consider that these packages are not the only way to go when it comes to website creation. There is always the option to purchase some of the components separately, so be sure to compare the prices of packages to prices of building the website in parts. It can be helpful to see what services are included in the packages and compare them to the cost of their individual components.

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