Thursday, December 12

The Real Value of Your Restaurant’s Website

When you start to build a restaurant, you may only think of the menu and atmosphere. These are the backbone of any high-quality restaurant. For your website, you have to focus on the same things, bringing your menu and aesthetic to life on the world wide web. The real value of your restaurant website is in the amount of physical store traffic you can bring to your location. To do that, you need to increase traffic to your website. It’s always best to read more about increasing traffic to your site as the more people who see it, the higher the chance they visit the physical location.

In addition, your restaurant’s website shows off the quality of your food as well as prices and store directions. It can be a great resource for those who are looking for the right dining experience and price point.

Show Your Menu & Dishes

The number one thing your site should do is give a clear menu with most, if not all, of your dishes. On your menu, you should have pictures of your best dishes, as well as prices, ingredients, vegan options, and other things that are significant to your patrons. If you have multiple menus for beverages, lunch, breakfast, dinner, and desserts, then include a variety as well.

Restaurant Location & Hours

In addition to having your menu online, you can also add your store’s location, directions, map, and hours. You can turn your website into a resource that patrons can use to find your restaurant.

Events and Information

Maybe you have private events or catering to advertise. You can use your website to advertise private events, private rooms, catering, and other services.

Reservation & POS Systems

You can hook your site into reservations systems so that you can take orders and know your traffic before the big night. You can schedule table service or even order pickups through your website. While these require some complex ordering systems, you can make it work so that you’re constantly taking orders online, and in-store, during the hours you select.

About Information

Got a long history or want to talk about how you started the restaurant? You can define your restaurant brand by writing a short summary about the history and posting it online. This can also help the SEO of your website. This means that your site can continuously market for you and your brand. You can use a read more link to share links to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Calendar for Big Events

If you host other events such as trivia nights or other times with a DJ, you can advertise big events on your website, as well as promotions. This can be helpful to bring in new traffic on those event days as well as reserve tickets or tables online. You can post the calendar and share through social media websites as well. In addition, if your website is participating in major festivals and conferences, you can post information about events where patrons can follow your restaurant.

Restaurant Atmosphere

The whole design of your website wraps up the feel and experience of what it’s like to dine with you. With the right color palette and imagery, you can paint the perfect picture of what your food and atmosphere will be like. If you do this well, you could have people coming in for parties, family events, holidays, or just to meet up for drinks before going out.

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