Sunday, April 21

The Best Investment Options in 2016

A famous analyst once said that money was like an ice cube: if you leave it untouched, it will surely melt. This analogy can be applied to the money that many people keep in the bank: if you don’t let your money work for you, it won’t be long before it will go away. How many times have you looked at your bank account and baulked at the figure? How many times have you started rustling through the receipts just to find out where all the money went? It’s a common problem faced by almost every individual nowadays. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Being financially responsible is a need we all share today. If you have a certain amount of money in the bank, why not invest it somewhere so you can make more money out of it? There are many investment options available to individuals in this day and age. You don’t even need to have a financial education to pick out the best option based on your requirements.

Fixed Deposit Accounts

Choosing a high interest rate fixed deposit account is one of the most secure options available to individuals. These fixed deposit accounts are best for salaried individuals who have a predictable source of income. If you know that you are getting paid a fixed amount each month, it’s much easier to choose a decent investment option. Fixed deposit accounts are quite easy to manage, because you can put in a certain amount of money in the bank for a specific period of time. The longer you put it in for, the higher the interest rate. Fixed deposit account owners also get a variety of other benefits. These include online banking facilities, quick withdrawal, which enhances liquidity, and a dedicated customer support department that’s always available to take your queries.


Unlike a fixed deposit account, investing money in the stock market comes with an increased amount of risk. The value of stocks tends to rise and fall depending upon the current economic climate, as well as the political condition within a country. If you have invested money in the stock market, you must understand the risks. While there are greater risks, there are also greater rewards. Investing in the stock market could make you a millionaire if you know how to work the market right. Buying a stock when it is at its lowest point and watching it rise in value is probably one of the most exciting experiences ever!

Invest in a Business

Many of the world’s richest individuals rose to fame by making astute investments in several businesses. The businessmen who invested in companies like Uber and Twitter are now billionaires. Of course, there’s a major risk involved when investing money in a business. However, if it pays off, your fortunes will change overnight. Before investing in any business, you should check out the financials carefully. Furthermore, ask the entrepreneurs about future opportunities for growth before you put your money in. You can either buy a piece of the company or give the money as a loan.


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