Wednesday, December 19

Six Design Tips to Update Your Offices

Revitalising the interior of your company’s offices can help boost productivity and creativity with the right layout and design. An office layout should provide sufficient space for employees, furniture, and equipment so everything is easy to get to without disrupting anyone’s work. Here are six office design tips for your business.

Add Natural Light

If possible, move the employee work areas closer to natural light sources. As most people are indoors at work 90% of the day, it is important they have exposure to more natural light. Providing more natural light and reducing the use of overhead fluorescent lighting can improve employees’ moods, make it easier to see, and increase productivity.

Bring Down Walls

Unless your company is a call centre, consider getting rid of walled cubicles. Being able to see and interact with co-workers can inject more energy into your offices and allow them to bounce ideas off each other. You can use modular workstations with lower walls, or you can bunch desks in small pods to allow for more creativity and interaction.

Buy Quality Furniture

To reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, don’t be tempted to cut corners by purchasing inexpensive furniture. When you’re ready for an office fit out in Melbourne, spend the money and buy ergonomic chairs and workstations so employees can adjust them to their bodies to prevent back pain and chronic issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and reduce headaches. Even though it may be more expensive initially, good quality furniture can save your company thousands of dollars in the long run.

Include Storage

During an office renovation, storage considerations are often not planned, but instead included as last-minute add-ons. However, storage is a very important component of an office design because it can reduce clutter, make your staff more comfortable, and maintain a clean appearance in the office. Be sure to provide adequate storage for each workstation, which may include overhead bins, movable storage cabinets, or large cabinets shared by department co-workers.

Create Breakout Spaces

Set aside quiet spaces in the office for short department or team meetings. This space can consist of a few sofas and chairs so everyone can sit comfortably while brainstorming or learning information about a new client. You should also include more formal meeting spaces with tables, chairs, and any necessary electronic equipment for board meetings or trainings.

Add Greenery

Along with natural light, another natural element your design consultant should include is plants in the offices. Adding more greenery has been shown to boost morale and increase productivity, and it can reduce fatigue as greenery aids in improving oxygenation throughout the workplace. It also gives employees something natural to look at, so if you cannot provide more sunlight in the offices, add plants as a natural element.

Using these elements can help a designer create a nice office layout to make your employees comfortable and provide them with more room to get their work done. Adding natural elements and buying the right furniture will also help reduce absenteeism and cut costs for your company.

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