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Since 1928, F.A maker has become a reputable company that specializes on secondhand process equipment dealership in Australia through its quality service and machinery that provides convenience to Australian businesses in different industries.

Through experience, F.A Maker has become one of Australia’s most versatile process and plant equipment companies that are capable of dealing a lot of variety of equipment that can be used in different industries particularly in food beverage and dairy industry equipment, chemical industry, power generation and facilities industry, meat and poultry industry, packaging industry, waste water and recycling industry, materials handling industry and processing equipment industry.

Through the partnership of the late F.A Maker and F.L Betts, who are both agricultural and general machinery engineers, comes the birth of the company named after the former.  

The company embraced exporting their equipment offshore through shipping it directly to the site while it is increasingly obtained good quality secondhand industrial equipment which is all in good condition. F.A Maker currently has stainless steel tanks, electric motors, assorted pumps, vibrating screen and reconditioned filter press to name a few of its industrial equipment.

Its state of the art facility can test run the obtained machinery from previous owners to determine if it is in good condition before it resells it to different industries.

F.A Maker have the equipment and machinery for hardware, industrial processing plants, agricultural facility, assembly line, refineries, mills, smelters, food processing facilities, mining facilities, packaging and labeling factories and manufacturing facilities.

These equipment are air compressors and equipment, centrifuge and separators, conveyors and elevators, dust collectors and air filtration, electrical equipment, extruders, fans and blowers, filters and dewatering equipment, food equipment, heat exchangers and pasteurizers, heating and cooling and drying equipment, homogenizers, metal detectors and magnets, mills, crushers and pulverizers, miscellaneous equipment, mixers, blenders, agitators, packaging, filling equipment, plant lines, pumps, screeners and sifters, tanks, silos and hoppers,  valves, electrical equipment, extruders,  gear boxes, generators, evaporators, paddle dryer, hydraulic equipment, multi speed motors, slip ring motors, pelletizers, plant lines, and plastic and rubber equipment, recycling equipment and transformers.

F.A Maker has been considered as a very reliable industrial and process equipment dealer that provides industrial equipment parts and machines often offers their clients with quality service as well as quality materials and parts for a particular machine just like F.A Maker, Laverton North Victoria, Australia based major process equipment dealer.

F.A Maker offers industrial equipment for food, beverage and dairy, chemical
industry, power generation and facilities, meat and poultry industry, packaging
machines, wastewater and recycling, materials handling equipment and processing
equipment. It is one of the major industrial equipment dealers in Australia
that buys, sells and sources process and industrial equipment. To learn more
about F.A Maker, visit its website at

These types of equipment and machinery are subject to the harshest environments and extensive conformity due to the nature of the industry it is used in that is why F. A Maker makes sure that the equipment they reselling are reconditioned, replaced with the best quality replacement materials and parts to make sure a hundred percent efficient operability.

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