Thursday, February 21

Outsourcing Your HR Department: Is it a Wise Move

The HR department of any company is required to carry out a very particular set of functions. The job of the HR manager is to make sure that employees in the workplace perform their duties as they are expected to do so. If there’s an altercation or an issue between the employees, all parties concerned are required to report to the HR manager. Roles for each employee are passed on to the HR manager, who then discusses the employee’s position within the company and gives recommendations to the employees about how they can improve their positions at the company.

Most importantly, the HR department is responsible for letting go of employees who are underperforming and bringing on new employees who are energetic and dedicated and understand their responsibilities at the company’s offices. In the past few years, a number of different studies were published that highlighted the rising costs of recruitment. Think about it this way: you will first have to publish an ad in different newspapers and online media to let the world know that you are looking for a new employee.

Then, the recruitment managers will have to sift through hundreds of applications and create a shortlist of the best candidates for the organisation. Afterwards, several rounds of interviews will be conducted by the HR managers in order to find the best employee for the job. All of this can take several weeks. All this while, the work for the vacant position will have to be done by another member of the organisation who will also require overtime for his or her efforts. As you can well imagine, this can increase your costs dramatically. Instead, a better option is to choose HR outsourcing. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider outsourcing your HR department.

Saves Time

If you outsource your services to a reputable HR company, finding a decent employee for the job won’t take a lot of time. These companies maintain extensive databases of employees in a variety of different fields. When an opening arises, all you have to do is notify the company about the kind of employee you are looking for. They will sift through their database and find a suitable candidate for the position. The company will forward a number of different CVs for you to view. Making a decision becomes a lot easier this way since all of the CVs will be tailored to your requirements.

Saves Money

All of the money that would otherwise be spent on recruiting could be saved if you are working with a reliable HR firm. Finding a new employee will take a few days rather than a few weeks. The company will handle all of the proceedings and will just charge a small commission for their services. It’s a very small amount compared to the money that you would otherwise have to spend all the time when looking for a new employee for your company. Many small businesses are now doing this!


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