Wednesday, December 19

Managing Twenty-first Century Business Operations

Apps and programs are being written at an unprecedented rate. There are more computer programs now than there have ever been, and more are being written everyday. If you open a newspaper or scroll through a technology blog, you’ll see stories about teenagers writing innovative apps that can change the way business is done. That is very exciting for business owners and operations managers who want to streamline and modernise their businesses to compete in an ever-changing global market. However, it can also pose some threats. If you are an operations manager of any kind, the different types of technological changes can actually be very disruptive. They can be disruptive to the way you do business as well as to your job security; in fact, these app creators often hail themselves as disruptors. They like to disrupt the way things are normally done. That means, however, that you need to be able to adapt if you’re going to survive in the business.

How to Adapt

So, how do you adapt to a changing twenty-first century replete with apps and automation? You need a good operations management course. A course in operations management will help you diversify your skillsets and modernise your abilities. There are many new technological changes, but those technological changes also come with changes in philosophy and methods. The psychology and sociology of business operations have been changing rapidly, just like everything else. So, the thinking around several subjects is different than it used to be. If you haven’t brushed up on your operations management lessons recently, you should consider taking a course. Many things have stayed the same, however. Much of the philosophy and thinking has stayed the same, which puts you in a great place if you have experience in the field.

Innovation and Disruption

You don’t have to feel threatened by the amount of innovation and disruption in the business world right now. There are many different ways you can actually enjoy that kind of disruption. Some of it you can ignore, as some things that come along are little more than fads that die down over the course of a few months. It is sometimes difficult to know the difference. The best way to know is by trusting your experience and the talented instructors at a management course. For example, if you are in supply line management, you might hear about a new app that allows you to track your supplies minute by minute. That might sound like a good thing, but is it really? Is there anything to be gained by tracking your supplies every minute? That is something you could possibly ignore.

The only way to know for sure is to be updated and engaged with the new ways of doing business, and to be skilled and experienced in your field. There are many different apps and innovations that will come along in the near future, some of which might become the future of business, and some of which will just be a blip on the radar. A good operations management course can help you tell the difference.

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