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How a Seasonal Business Handles the Surge

From the smallest sole proprietorship businesses to multinational corporations, you need to make sure you are covering every eventuality. When you are working in your field, you will find there are ebbs and flows throughout the year. There are some businesses that are explicitly seasonal businesses, and some that just experience surges depending on the season. For example, if you sell trainers online, you’ll experience some serious highs and lows in your sales. While you are not explicitly dealing in a seasonal business, you’ll still experience many changes.

Summer Surges

In the business of selling trainers, you’ll likely see a surge over the summer. Trainers are not necessarily summer shoes; you can run at any time of the year. However, most people do the majority of their exercising, especially outdoors, during the summer. It’s just more pleasant to work out then; therefore, you’ll see a surge in sales. You’ll need to be able to handle that surge in summer sales. It won’t last all the way to the winter, though; as already discussed, it will die down when the temperatures drop. Therefore, you need employees that you can keep around for just the summer months, but that won’t cut into your profits too much.

Hiring employees to help you with the surge is a balancing act. You need employees who will help you handle the higher volume of phone calls and orders, but not cut into your profits. If you are making a certain amount of money, you want to be able to accommodate the new orders and make more money. If you hire new employees who make more than your profit margin, they’ll help you handle all of the increased business, but you won’t see any increased profits. In fact, you could see decreased profits depending on how much you’re paying them. Your best option is to hire a message taking service such as Message-Direct.

Message-Taking Service

A message-taking service, as the name implies, is a service that will answer the phone on behalf of your business and take a message. They’ll help your customers somewhat, but mostly they’ll just take messages and forward them on to you. You can have messages forwarded to you in many different forms. Some people like to have messages sent to them as SMS messages, while others like emails. The choice is yours. You just need a business that will allow you to forward calls at short notice and only pay for calls that are answered.

Only Pay for Calls That Are Answered

If you are forwarding your phone calls to a message-taking service, you are trying to save money. You have done the math, and they will save you more money than a new employee. However, that also means you are trying to keep your expenses to a minimum. Keeping your expenses down happens in several different ways. One of the ways you do that is by only paying for the calls that are answered, which means that instead of paying for your message-taking service on some kind of contract, you’ll pay per call. You’ll spend a certain amount every time they pick up the phone. That means your business will automatically scale with your message-taking service. If you have a lot of phone calls from customers and potential customers, you’ll be paying more for your messaging service. If you don’t have any calls, you won’t pay anything.

That way, you won’t waste your money on a messaging service you are not using. Also, you should be able to forward to a business at short notice.

Forwarding at Short Notice

The importance of forwarding at short notice is that you need to be responsive to your customers’ needs. For example, if you have to go pick up your child from school unexpectedly, you might need to forward your phone calls to the messaging service for an hour or two. You need to be able to quickly turn on forwarding and send the calls to them. That type of flexibility turns your business into a 24/7 business. You can forward your calls when you go to sleep, and then pick them back up when you wake up. Alternately, you could take a holiday for weeks and forward all of your calls for the entire time you’re gone. You will have that type of versatility. Such versatility will turn your business into more than just a 24/7 business. It will also make your business truly international.

International Business

In the 21st century, the Internet has made it possible to turn any business into an international business. Once you achieve some search engine optimisation, you will reach potential customers all over the world. Those potential customers will be working on different time zones, though. When it is the middle of the day in London, it might be the middle of the night in Laos. You need to be able to answer your phone calls at any time of the day to speak to customers and potential customers. That’s the most effective way to maximise your profits and expand your business. Such expansion will help you sustain your surges more than just during the summer.

So, when it is summer in Worcester, it is winter in Western Australia. That means when the summer surge begins to die down in the UK, it will just be picking up in the Southern Hemisphere. If you expand your business to other parts of the world, you will be able to sustain your surge profits all year long. You need a message-taking service and a great product. You are the one in charge of the great product; the message-taking service should be one that allows you to forward your calls and only pay for calls that are answered. It’s a great way to grow your business and deal with surges.

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