Tuesday, July 23

How a lie detector test can affect your company

Everybody sees a lie detector test as a good way for them to ensure that criminals will be caught and prosecuted. It is also a good way for employers to know if their employees are straight up lying to them and being dishonest. It is important, though, that you get to learn is lie detector tests are really good enough to help catch a bad person or to gain an employee’s loyalty. Lie detector tests also have a lot of good things to offer as long as it is being used correctly, and not used to abuse another person and tricking them into doing something stupid while doing the test.

While people would see a lie detector test as an advantage, it also has its fair share of drawbacks that a person should know first before using it for their own personal gain or issues. Even if it is mostly used to get the truth, it has these issues that would greatly affect your relationship with another person especially if it’s your partner or your employee. You can’t always be sure to get the upper hand because lie detector tests are seen as an insult even if you are just doing your job and just want to make sure.

Employers will know if their employees can be trusted

There are certain companies which are not affect by the law called the Employee Polygraph Protection Act who would use the lie detector test during their interviews to know the level of loyalty their potential employees can give to their companies. Plus, they will know how these employees can handle stress especially because they know that they are being monitored. Other employers just want to know if their employees are worth the shot and if they can give their all to the company that they are applying for.

Your employees will be more disciplined

Once your employees know that you are conducting lie detector tests, they will be forced to do their jobs and not be dishonest. This will really improve their performance and their productivity, which in turn will also improve your business as a whole. And because of this, you should give them a reward for doing a job well done and make them feel that they should not be threatened since a leader should be respected and loved, not to be feared which is a great factor when you are running a business.

Sometimes, the test can be inconclusive

When a person takes a lie detector test, they may feel afraid and nervous which could really affect the result so much and give you mixed results. Because of this, you would have to ask them to take it again which can be a waste of time and money, and effort too. so when you are thinking of having your employees undergo a polygraph test, make sure to let them know what’s it all about and give them pep talks to ensure them that they only need to be honest, nothing more and nothing less.

Like everything else in this world, there will always be an advantage and disadvantage that you cannot avoid. Even a lie detector test, which you thought could really help you in terms of catching someone who has been dishonest, has its fair share of drawbacks that you will need to know too.

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