Thursday, June 20

Finding a business associate

Some people may have the entrepreneur spirit but not the knowledge or capacity to get a business up and to run. During such instances, one finds themselves in a position where they have to find someone well versed in what it takes to initiate a business. It is not as easy as looking into your networks and seeing who has a background in the given area; a lot more goes into play. Here are some tips to look at when you find yourself in this predicament.

It is not uncommon for persons to be overconfident in their business idea. One ought to understand that it takes persuasion to have others buy into your dream and believe that your venture is worth taking on. A person looking to start a Vancouver car accident lawyers company has to persuade a potential business partner why the city and industry needs one more entity offering the same existing services. Being in such a position, even as you convince the other party, an aspect of humbleness needs to be at play because they know more than you do. It requires having a teachable attitude and the willingness to learn and trust the said person’s expertise. The inability to do so may mean, perhaps, in the long run, failure.

The recommended approach to finding someone involves networking. That could be from close associates or from persons you’re in a group in that you share similar interests with such as a club. One of the persons should be able to provide an introduction to someone they recommend. One of the attributes to keep in mind is honesty; you want to get a referral from a person known for their integrity. You’re less likely to then fall into the hands of someone who could potentially deceive you.

Remember that you need to equally hold the save virtues for someone to wholeheartedly engage with you. If they were to have a performance review form filled out, they should only have positive remarks to make about you. Once you have the said introduction, remember to thank the person who did the initiating, and where necessary, keep them in the loop. Remember to add a personal touch, whether it is a phone call or a handwritten note that shows you pulled all the stops to show them how much you appreciate.

Should you not have such persons in your circles, you can use events or volunteer opportunities to build your network. If during your research you’re able to identify someone, continue to asking around until you get to a said person. That may sound cumbersome, but if you’re keen to have your idea succeed, it is a small price to pay.  

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