Thursday, June 20

Enlightened Investment When You Shop For Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

Gold, silver and other precious metals retain their value as time passes. The fluctuation of the world market does not affect the price of precious metals. Placing at least 10 percent of your savings in the form of precious metals is a prudent strategy. Experienced investors in gold know the real value of the metal. If you have less knowledge on the subject, you should consider checking the news and websites of gold businesses. Almost every financial advisor you go to will tell you to invest in gold. It is a safe yet a pretty way to invest your hard earned money.

Choose one item or multiple for investment

Buying physical gold is a method of placement. You can keep the item at a bank for safety. If you consider and are sure of the safety measure of your home, then you keep it close. Some companies also allow you to store gold. Try to avoid big premiums while buying. Higher premium means the lower profits for you. You will have to wait for the world market price of gold to rise. Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are another way of investment where you do not have to store the physical metal. Investing in ETFs is like investing in the share market. The only difference is that rise or fall of the world market does not affect gold prices adversely.

One of the purest modes of gold

Maple leaf gold coins are 24-karat gold bullion coins first introduced in the year 1979. Maple leaf gold coins are among the most genuine forms of gold available in the market. These coins have sharp milled edges. Due to its purity, the coins can get unwanted scratches if handled carelessly. Remember to hold the palm of your hand over the open top of the tube in which you will find your coins. Dropping the coins on a solid surface will result in deformations. Similarly, while putting the coins away, be equally careful. Do not rush the process. These are directions to know when you shop for Canadian maple leaf gold coins.

Prices and availability

Maple leaf gold coins are available in five sizes. 1-oz, 1/2-oz, 1/4-oz, 1/10-oz and 1/20-oz. These coins are best suited for investors because of availability in tubes of ten. Counting, handling, and storage become easier due to the tubes. The coins have sheets of Mylar between them. Mylar is nothing but a form of polyester resin which protects the coins. After a while, Mylar deteriorates, and the coins will need other modes of storage. The lowest price offered on one coin is $140.73.

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