Tuesday, July 23

Divvy in Chicago with ValueMags

Many Chicago employees use Chicago’s Divvy bike system to get around. However, some citizens have been complaining that there are not enough bikes to go around in the summer. Employees at ValueMags need to come in early to make sure that they have a bike to get to work with. For many, the Divvy Chicago bikes are not only a mode of transportation but a healthy mode of transportation. With good weather and jobs that keep most indoors all day, the Divvy system is an effective way for Chicago residents to get their vitamin C.

The city has recently introduced an increase amount of bikes to please the bike users. StreetsBlog Chicago announced that the system will be adding a total of 400 new bikes at about 40 new stations. That’s about 10 bikes per station. Currently, there are some areas that do not even have access to bikes. CDOT deputy commissioner Luann Hamilton says that the bikes will not only give people in those areas a chance to participate in the bike-sharing services, it will increase the bikes in high density parts of the city. ValueMags employees are happy that the city is considering people’s health too. The CDOT is partnering with the health commission to find ways to encourage people to use bikes more often. Although an increasing amount of people are using the bike-sharing system, the average weight of Chicago residents are increasing. ValueMags employees practice healthy habits daily. They encourage their families to do the same. The most effective way to encourage healthy habits is by introducing it in all aspects of someone’s life. Therefore, the CDOT and health commission are approaching businesses like ValueMags to integrate a health awareness program in all small to medium size businesses in Chicago. If it is successful, they plan to integrate it in larger businesses as well.

For more information about ValueMags and their health initiative, follow them on their blog using the link provided above.

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