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Customer Retention Strategies

The loyalty of customers to the brand is very difficult to get. How can we handle this issue?

Retention of Customers: Strategies That Really Work

Today, there are many ways to get the customer loyalty. However, most companies still do not know how to maintain customers. Many of us spend our best efforts on attracting new ones but do not pay attention to their retention even though it costs 7 times cheaper (according to KISS metrics service).

In the era of the Internet and social networks, there are different methods of customer retention and different ways to make them your regular buyers. Of course, there is nothing wrong with expanding the customer base. It’s just important not to forget about working with regular customers.

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1. Write About Your Customers

Share the posts of satisfied customers who left their feedback on your product. Encourage any means of disseminating information about your brand. Let your customers know how important their opinion is to you. You’ll see, the response will be forthcoming.  

This strategy is not only a great way to maintain customers. Involving buyers, the company also creates custom content that helps attract new potential customers.

2. Surprise Buyers with Unexpected Gifts

We all like when someone shows an interest in our personality. Therefore, your subscribers will surely appreciate it if you know what interests them. The best way to demonstrate this is to look at their pages on social networks and find out their hobbies and then surprise them with a pleasant gift. After this, your clients will tell someone about you for sure.  

3. Be Interested in Opinions of Your Subscribers

Another great way to increase loyalty to your brand is to constantly improve service. Try to find out what else can be useful to your clients and offer them this.

The best way to find out what your customers need is to ask them about it. Create a poll in a blog.  Add some of your suggestions as answers but do not forget to give customers the opportunity to offer their own version.

4. Notify Customers About Product Updates or New Services

Encourage regular and most active customers. For example, if you offer a product line, send to regular customers a product that they have not yet tried. If you provide an online service, offer a free test period of the updated Premium access.

Offering your services for free, you will not lose anything but receive grateful feedbacks and new clients in return. So, you will not only increase brand loyalty but also acquaint buyers with new services.  

Be sure: anyone who has received such a nice bonus will, by all means, tell about you to his/her friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

5. Be Ready to Always Help Your Customers

Even if your social networks are not the main channel for product marketing, it’s important to understand that for many people this is the most convenient way to get in touch with you. Make sure that the administrators of your communities are able to provide competent assistance to your clients if necessary.  

This support should not be directed to the FAQ page of your site. If a person has applied to the group administrator, he/she expects to receive assistance here. If one’s problem is not solved, the client will have a negative impression about your staff and about your brand.

6. Offer Your Customers What They Will Not Get from Your Competitors

It’s not about discounts. We are talking about unique services or products that are not expected from you. You can create a blog in which you will share useful tips and other information related to your product. For example, the owners of an online clothing store can publish articles about a combination of colors, the choice of suitable styles and share other practical tips from the fashion world.

7. Provide Customers with Maximum Convenience

When it comes to choosing where to purchase a product, the location of the store plays a role. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to carry favor with customers who live far away from you. The most obvious way out of this situation is the service delivery. You will hardly surprise someone with the delivery within a few days. But instant delivery will help you to beat your competitors.

8. Quality Above All

If you offer a quality product and constantly work on improving it, then you will easily ingratiate yourself to your customers. In addition, if you use one of the strategies listed above, you will not be equal to your competitors. People like to realize that they are using the best product or service. If they are sure of this, they will certainly talk about it. This strategy is followed by Apple. The owners of the iPad and iPhone know that they use the products of the best brand. No wonder Apple is called a new religion.

Develop and Improve Your Business

If you want to build a business on regular customers, you need to offer them something more than the set of services.

However, this is something that really needs to be worked on. What strategy to choose – is up to you.  The main thing is to make your brand irreplaceable and unforgettable.

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