Tuesday, July 23

Connecting Outdoor Media and Online Advertising

Although it’s important to have a web presence to promote your company and its products or services, traditional forms of advertising should not be neglected. Television, radio, print media, and billboards are still great ways to advertise. To maximise your advertising dollar and reach your target audience, you can integrate some forms of online marketing such as mobile marketing with outdoor media such as billboards.

Integrating Mobile and Outdoor Media Marketing

Many companies are using online promotions and advertising to find more potential customers for both their e-commerce stores and their brick and mortar locations. Mobile marketing has become the focus for most marketing efforts because consumers spend about half of their time online via laptops, tablet PCs, or mobile phones. They are also using these devices for researching and buying the merchandise that they want.

The focus is also on mobile marketing because it is much less expensive than other media advertising such as TV and radio ads or print advertising. It’s one reason why mobile and billboard advertising in Brisbane can complement each other well. Both forms of advertising cost less and usually have a lower cost per thousand (CPM) rate than television advertising.

Targeting Geographic Location

Both mobile marketing efforts and billboards can be used to target point of sale locations geographically. For instance, an outdoor advertising company can place billboard ads near your business locations. Companies can also use mobile phone technology such as geofencing and near-field communication to send marketing messages when users are within a specific area, such as near your stores.

Research shows using signage such as billboards near a store location will help increase traffic to the business. Both the outdoor and mobile ads can emphasise the same promotion and work together to lure people into the store. The billboard ad could be used to designate where your store is located while your mobile ads can promote current sales or introduce new products.

Digital Outdoor Media

Another good way to integrate both online and outdoor marketing is to place ads on digital billboards that reiterate the same messages that are being sent online. Instead of static billboards, many outdoor media companies also have digital billboard signs for sale that can be placed at street level at your business. They can be used to advertise special sales or discounts, announce changes in business hours, and promote your social media accounts.

Both forms of promotion can reach a large audience. Mobile or social media marketing can reach a younger demographic as they are online more than older consumers and billboard ads can attract the attention of those who are not frequent users of the Internet. In some cases, companies have had their consumers use their mobile devices to play games or get information on digital billboards near their companies’ store locations.

Technology can be used in combination to create advertising campaigns to draw attention to your business or its products and increase your sales. The costs of billboard advertising are generally lower than other traditional media and it can be used effectively with mobile or online marketing campaigns.

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