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Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment: The Types That Might Benefit You


We all know that cleaning isn’t particularly exciting. That being said, it remains necessary for your workplace as neither your customers or your staff will appreciate a dirty environment. Depending on your needs, there are several different products on the market that could assist you in your job.

Whether you’re directly responsible for cleaning or you hire cleaning staff instead, we’ll run through the options and present you with something that just might put the sparkle back into mopping floors.

Vacuum Cleaners

Everybody has a vacuum cleaner at home but the type you use for larger commercial premises often needs to be a little more heavy duty. This is because it will likely be used on a daily basis and will be responsible for collecting much more dirt and grime.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are also much less prone to damage from sustaining the usual knocks and bumps associated with vacuuming. There is a model available for all your needs and most will have considerably more power than you’re used to, helping you get the job done faster.

Rider Sweepers

If your place of work is a warehouse floor, rather than an office, you should consider a ride on vacuum cleaner. Known as rider sweepers, you can sit on top which will allow you to clean a larger surface area much more quickly and efficiently. Floor cleaning equipment is now a lot more advanced and rider sweepers offer the most efficient way to clean a floor. Your average rider sweeper can also be a lot quieter than a vacuum cleaner, helping you to avoid disturbing your colleagues.

Floor Burnisher

A floor burnisher is designed to simplify the polishing of hard floor surfaces. It is possible to give hardwood, tile and marble floors a glossy appearance without the use of chemicals and wax. A floor burnisher employs a rotary buff which has the ability to spin at 1500 rpm, leaving shiny and highly polished floors behind.



Floor Scrubber

A floor scrubber acts as a motorised mop, capable of efficiently cleaning larger surface areas. Either a push along or ride along option is available dependent on your needs. Water and cleaning solution is automatically dispensed and then worked into your floor by the attached brushes underneath. There is a wipe dry blade at the rear which greatly assists in reducing floor drying times. If you have any highly trafficked areas, a floor scrubber is a must.

Bathroom Cleaners

Bathrooms are unhygienic which can make them unpleasant to clean. A bathroom cleaner is an all in one cleaning solution that takes over from the traditional mop, making the job of cleaning bathroom surfaces easier.

Similar to the floor scrubber, the bathroom cleaner has the ability to dispense water through its hand-held brush tool meaning that you shouldn’t need to directly come into contact with any surfaces. Cleaning detergent is automatically dispensed too so all that is required is to manually operate the brush where needed. Some models also feature a high pressure hose, allowing you to remove any stains that may have settled.

These are just some of the types of equipment available. Get in touch with a company offering commercial cleaning equipment and see if they can find you a tailored solution.

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