Tuesday, November 19

Can You Access Tight Spaces on the Job

If you work at heights and need to access tight spaces, you can do so more easily with the right aids and equipment. That is why it is helpful to hire a platform that will satisfy these job requirements. A business of this type offers various forms of access or platforms that are designed specifically to the needs of your task.

Some of the Platforms

You can obtain quality access equipment in Huddersfield for either half-day or full-day hires. Therefore, you can take care of all your access issues with more confidence. Some of the access equipment or platforms available for hire include the following:

  • Truck-mounted platforms
  • Cherry pickers, some of which reach heights as tall as 31 metres
  • Electrical operating platforms
  • Rotating baskets

You just need to figure out which piece of equipment will work best for you. Talk to the hire representative about your particular access needs. By taking this step, you will be able to figure out which type of equipment is designed for certain jobs. After finding the right platform for you, review the specifications.

An Example of a Platform

For example, an easy-lift type of platform usually features a working height of around 16 metres and a platform height of 7.5 metres. This type of platform usually holds up to two people or a weight of around 200 kilograms. You can opt for turret and cage rotation and also obtain the equipment on a weekly basis. Therefore, weekly rates would apply for this type of hire. As you can see, it pays to review the specs. Go online now and see what is offered on the web.



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