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Best Mobile Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Having the latest phone system will help you with your current mobile marketing pursuits. You can use portable devices to promote online shops as well as physical stores. If you do, people can find you using a mobile phone or tablet anywhere they have an Internet connection.

When setting up promotional campaigns people will notice, you have to remember that you don’t have much time to reach them. It’s not the same as regular email marketing. You must catch your audience’s attention fast if you want to impress them. Furthermore, you need to find ways to convince them to trust you before they will make a purchase.

Marketing with Mobile Websites

Mobile websites set you apart from other companies because they help you reach more people. After all, almost everyone uses a smartphone or tablet nowadays.

Here’s now to make your websites work for you:
• Test your website on portable Android and iOS devices.
• Make the design simple but attractive.
• Include a “contact” button.
• Invite them to take action using “buy now” or “call now.”
• Put social sharing links on it.
• Include video on it.

Creating SMS Message Lists

Make sure you collect your customers’ phone numbers and ask them for permission to add them to your message list. You can encourage them to join using a few different tactics as described below.
• Have a QR code app on your site.
• Offer them a downloadable app.
• Submit your site to local directories (Google +, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.)
• Offer payment processing by smartphone.
• Send them a newsletter via SMS.

In every case, the most important aspect of list building is to make sure you entice them to want to sign up for more information. This will help you reach out to them when you have products or services to offer that would interest them. Additionally, any time you can reach people who live near you, it increases your chance of establishing a brand specific communities will remember.

Additional Marketing Tips

When using your phone system for targeted advertising, you also need to perfect what you say as how you say it. Make the most of your campaigns so you can increase your profits.

Here are some additional promotional tips:
• Set up a social media page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.
• Upload videos to You Tube that include a call to action link.
• Make your SMS messages very short – only sent priority information.
• Send your potential customers engaging video updates.
• Provide convenient “buy now” options in your messages and ads.
• Encourage regular interaction on your social media pages.
• Organize your audience by keywords so they receive relevant messages.
• Offer free products, coupons and discounts.
• Keep providing related items that will complement what they already bought.
• Make sure you have a secure payment processing system.
• Fill out all your online profiles with details about your products or services.
• Be available for questions from customers.

Of course, you also have to be patient when involved in mobile marketing using a phone system. In the process, you need to build a positive relationship between you and your current and future customers. Some of them may not even respond to your offers for several weeks or even several months into the future.

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