Wednesday, December 19

Be Prepared to Work in the Malaysian Construction Industry

If you’re interested in living and working in Malaysia, you might want to consider seeking a job in the construction industry. The construction sector has been one of the fastest growing areas of the economy in the past few years and that activity is expected to continue in the near future. Statistics indicate 8% growth from one year to the next with a five-year projection even higher than this.

Civil engineering works were especially strong in the past two years with non-residential construction experiencing growth above 10%. In general, economic activity continues to be strong in the region with most economic sectors contributing to overall financial health for a majority of the population. So, when you begin to search for a good-paying job in this field, you may want to begin by looking at one of the most active job-search sites.

Excellent Opportunities

There are ways to search for a construction job vacancy in Malaysia that are more efficient and deliver results more positive than other methods. A construction job can pay well and management positions can be especially lucrative. To be successful, it’s best to follow a few basic steps. In general terms, you should start with a reliable job search website and then be sure to use specific keywords as you search. It will help if you know the specific type of construction job that you want to locate.

You can narrow your results by looking, for example, at the entry level for repair person, installer, electrician, and so on. If you desire a manager or more senior position, you should use specific words to identify your credentials and your skills. Before you start, be sure that your resume and other information is up to date and complete. This will save you some time when you locate the job that you’re interested in. Make sure that your applicable skills and experience are highlighted so the hiring manager won’t have to search for the information that he or she needs.

It’s also important to have the skills and training that you’ll need when you begin to search for the top positions in the construction industry. If you need specific training or credentials, be sure that you give yourself enough time to prepare. Keep in mind that much of the training you might need in Malaysia can be found at the excellent vocational colleges, universities, and technical institutes.

Start as Labourer

One of the best ways to get started in construction is to begin as a labourer. This applies not only in Malaysia but also in most locations around the world. It’s possible to obtain a good-paying job at this level without formal training. Then, as you learn, you can move up to other levels of skill and pay.

When you visit the website of one of the leading job search providers in Malaysia, you’ll find dozens upon dozens of construction industry jobs available. These range from project manager and site supervisor to site clerk and safety supervisor. Make sure that your resume and credentials are ready to present to the people who will be interviewing and then get started.


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