Tuesday, July 23

4 Sure Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Start a Business

Let me guess, you’d like to become an entrepreneur because you’re not a big fan of your 9-to-5, but you feel like you’re trapped and doomed to work there for the rest of your life. All the while, you keep reading countless online stories of entrepreneurs who started their own businesses from scratch and now pull in six figures. And you wonder… could I do that?

Well, before you make a decision, here are a few signs that you could (and should!) quit your job and become an entrepreneur!

You hate your current job and/or boss with a burning passion.

If you really feel his way about your job or your boss, you can use your negative feelings to propel your business straight to success. Why?

Well, while disliking something you have to be exposed to every day sucks, it can be a super effective motivator. Often, people start successful businesses when they just can’t bring themselves to work for someone else another day – long, pointless meetings, over-management, boredom – it all figures in the mix. If you were okay with your job or your boss, you might be a lot more hesitant to make a big change (like starting a business). But being dissatisfied gives you the push you need to do whatever it takes to make your new business work.

You’re obsessed with your business idea.

I’ll be honest with you. If you just feel so-so about your business idea, there’s a good chance that it’s going to fail. That’s because running a business is hard. You’ll fail, you’ll face rejection, and you’ll have to deal with criticism and financial instability.

But if you’re really obsessed with your business idea and 100% committed to making it work, you won’t let anything stop you. And that’s typically what sets a successful self-employed person apart from people who end up back at their 9-to-5.

You consider yourself a lifelong learner.

If you’ve never run a business before, it’ll take you a while to learn everything you need to know. After all, you’ll have to handle sales, customer service, marketing, production… it gets overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. The good news is that no one knows what they’re doing 100% of the time. They reach success by constantly educating themselves on ways to improve. So, if you’re the curious type who enjoys learning a lot, you’ll be much more well-suited to quit your job and launch a successful business.

You’re ready to face your fears.

The fear of uncertainty. The fear of failure. The fear of what other people will think. All of these fears can bring your entrepreneurial journey to a quick halt if you let them. But when you’re afraid of something, you have to remember that all entrepreneurs have dealt with fear at some point in their journey. The ones who are brave enough to face and overcome their fears are the ones who succeed. So surround yourself with a strong support system, and encourage yourself when times get tough.

Yes, being self-employed is tough. But plenty of people have done it successfully… So, why not you?

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